About us

War is ugly, it takes more than it can ever give back. There is no beauty to be found on a battlefield. There’s nothing creative about the way it steals lives. 

The war in Syria is in its fifth, and most devastating year, which makes it difficult to believe that among the loss, the destruction and senselessness of war the women of Syria have found a way to survive through their art.

Women from the cities of Homs and Al-Tal have come together to make beautiful clothes, jewellery and home decorations. These artists fight to fend for themselves and their families in the war-torn country. 

When the team in Berlin saw the photos of the handmade crafts we knew we wanted to share what they had made with the world, not only to sell the products to help the artists and their families to live but also to show that, beyond the bombs, beauty and creativity are still thriving in Syria.