We often watch the news or see images on social media and ask ourselves what we can do for the people of Syria. This simple initiative allows you to directly impact someone who is suffering because of the Syrian conflict, whether in Syria or in one of the refugee shelters in Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey. You can buy a piece of clothing for them and be safe in the knowledge that 100% of what you buy goes to buying the material to make the clothes and paying for one of our female Syrian artists to make them. This way you will not only impact the person who receives the item of clothing, but also help the artist to make a living. 

How it works:
  1. Choose the item of clothing you wish to buy in Gifts Category Go to Gifts category
  2. We send the money directly to the artists who will then use it to buy the material
  3. Someone will receive the item of clothing as a gift
  4. We will send you an email with updates from he project so you can see how you have had a direct impact on the lives of Syrian people